For some investors, the cash is the king. If you want cash you have to buy and sell properties, in which you acquire the property, make improvements and put it back on the market at a higher price, your profit margin begins to improve wit this option. The issue now is that you will have to spend more time to do these deals and the volume will be less. The payoff is the profit. For this is a numbers game. you have to looking for a lot the houses and then take one of the best properties, may be if you see 40 houses you find 2 or 3 in good condition for business. That’s why you have to work very hard.

The five laws of lead generation

1-Never compromise. You are only looking for properties that meet your criteria and motivated sellers who will meet your terms.

2-Be a shopper not a buyer. It’s better to miss a good one than buy a bad one.

3-Timing matters. Be first or last person to make an offer.

4-It’s a numbers game. The quality is in the quantity.

5-Be organized and systematic. Protect your time and your money.

This law is about standards and the patience and persistence it takes to fulfill them. Finding real estate investing opportunities that meet the tough, unyielding standards of a successful investor take time patience, and persistence,especially in the beginning.It can takes weeks, months or even longer to find a deal that is right for you.