Houses are often built according to standard designs. As a rule, these projects do not meet 100% of customers’ requirements in terms of appearance, planning, orientation of the house on the sides of the world, the area of rooms and other parameters.

Individual design of a house facade

To design a house perfect for you in everything, it must be individual. You can use the drafting services melbourne to develop a unique design. Only developing the design of cottages for specific needs can be balanced parameters such as:

  • color scheme;
  • type and price category of materials;
  • the filling of the facade elements depending on the position of the house on the site, the availability and distance to the neighbors’ buildings;
  • the interior of the house, which is consistent with the style of its facade.

Even if the project is not typical but designed individually for you, very often little attention is paid to external design because of the presence of a large number of other issues to be solved by architectural design. Online design service specializes in exterior facade design and will offer you a practically applicable solution: whether it is a classical palace or a wooden house, a modern cottage or a country house in the Indonesian style.

In the process of working on the facade of your home you will receive suggestions about the materials of finishing walls: stucco, brick or stone, wooden or plastic paneling, possibly a log cabin. Depending on the style, decorative elements of wood or stucco facade finish may be useful. Also, such companies often use marble and granite, especially in finishing the basement. For roofing materials there are now many finishing materials, of which ceramic or asphalt shingles and metal tile are the most common.

Materials for making the facade of the house

Select the material – this is only part of the work on the design of the facade. Choose a color, combine different materials, to form this unique facade pattern – that’s the main difficulty in the work of the designer. Depending on the architecture of the cottage, your vision and ideas of the designer, the principle of facade design, its saturation with decorative elements is chosen. Perhaps the principle of a floor division of the materials is chosen, perhaps, combining windows vertically or horizontally, and perhaps design the corners of the house or every window separately. After agreeing on all the details the expert will understand how much to charge for drafting services.

After approving visualizations, you will receive all drawings necessary to implement the project in reality, recommendations on where to buy the selected materials and who can perform certain types of complex decorative works.

The cost of development of facade design depends on many parameters. You will not find indicative prices for this type of work on the websites of specialized services. After all, if a person chose a building designer job, he should be well versed in the cost of their services.

The importance of facade design

It is necessary to take care of the beauty of your home not only inside but also from the facade. Facade design, the price of which is formed individually, includes both decorative elements, moldings, cornices and lighting. One thing, when it is your personal home, you can choose any materials, any style. For stores, hotels, restaurants and other public facilities facade design is a necessity, because it largely determines the success of your business. Exterior must catch the eye of customers, fit into the surrounding architecture. Recently, more and more customers have begun to change the design of the facade of their home to a more individual one, moving away from the design set architectural project. And it’s not surprising, because the desire to make your home unique is inherent in everyone. 

Today there are a lot of new materials. Thanks to this, the design of the facade of the store or house has not only a decorative function, but also is purely practical. Using Belface you can significantly improve the noise insulation properties of the walls, significantly reducing heat loss. In addition, the design of the facade, the price of which depends on the complexity and quality of the materials used, is a kind of protection of the walls of the building from the influence of climatic factors. So a 3d steel building designer will help you to solve various issues.

Design project facade of the cottage

Decorating the walls with decorative plasters, cornices and moldings will make your house more attractive and gain features of individuality. Remember, your home needs not only interior repairs, but also the facade, because it affects not only the general appearance of the building, but also the longevity of the walls. So do not skimp on such work, moreover the cost of melbourne building designers is low. Facade design is the first and correct step to improve your home!

Architectural drafting services

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