At appointments with family psychologists, many people complain about excessive jealousy of their partner. Moreover, gender does not matter: both men and women can be jealous. And it is one thing if it is that “healthy” feeling, which is inherent in any person in love. And it is quite another thing if it is a pathological emotion that poisons both of them. Jealousy is often engendered when there are problems with sex. If a man has problems with potency, it is recommended to visit and choose drugs.

Jealousy is completely useless

If we consider jealousy as a need to possess a partner, everyone experiences it to some extent, especially at the beginning of a relationship. However, later this feeling is somewhat modified. So, if at the initial stage of jealousy – nothing more than a thirst for reciprocity, then later – it is a desire to keep a partner. And, as noted by experts, in whatever form and at whatever stage of the relationship, it would be absolutely useless feeling, capable of destroying, it would seem, the strongest connection. The latest research in the field of family psychology confirm the fact that the most common causes of domestic disputes due to jealousy of one of the partners.

Why are people jealous?

Let’s talk about how you can overcome his jealousy. But first, consider the factors that influence the emergence of this destructive feeling. First of all, jealous, as a rule, are people who have previously experienced partner infidelity. Thus, it is as if they are constantly expecting a catch and from the current object of love. Also, extremely jealous are usually those to whom parents from childhood tried to make them believe that the opposite sex can not be trusted in any way. Pathological jealousy is characteristic of insecure people. They easily fall into dependence on their partner, and then tormented himself and the other their doubts about the possibility of continuing the relationship. Extremely jealous are also overbearing people who see their partner as his property, which has no right to privacy. 

How to overcome jealousy?

So, what are considered the most effective ways to combat your own jealousy? The first step towards making your relationship with your partner more comfortable and healthy – to accept and recognize the fact that you are jealous. Convince yourself and your “other half” that you are not jealous, it makes no sense – if only because it is not true. Next, you need to decide whether you really care about the current relationship. After all, if you’re constantly looking for reasons to be jealous, you’ll find them, even if they don’t exist. This approach only makes sense if you want to break up with your partner.

Jealousy is often one of the signs that you do not trust your “other half. And the lack of trust between partners – a straight road to separation. So try to talk to each other heart to heart, explain to your partner why you are jealous, and ask not to do things that arouse your suspicions. If the cause of your jealousy is related to sexual problems, then visit

Jealousy destroys relationships

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