A good electrician in New York is valued very highly. It will be a strange statement, but now almost everyone thinks that he is a sufficiently qualified electrician, and can do a lot with his own hands. Many even begin to work by submitting ads, and quite tolerably eliminate the small flaws of the apartment electricity network. The root of the problem is to standardize and simplify the installation of basic (not household) electrical appliances.

Disposable terminal blocks and pictograms generate disposable electricians

A true electrician will not use a disposable terminal block, especially in a responsible connection. But usually the client does not understand what the master is doing at all, and can not distinguish between the two connectors. This is what many workers use, with a solid box, which has a lot of beautiful multimeters and even a soldering iron. The main signs of such an “expert”:

  • Beautiful workwear, sometimes with a solid logo;
  • A lot of tools, obviously similar to the tools of an electrician;
  • As a rule, the absence of an ordinary working tool (hammers, drill);
  • When working with household appliances mandatory requirement of all documentation, finding out from the owner, where and how power is supplied to the socket, where the phase, where the grounding or zero, etc.

Unfortunately, such services of an electrician are not uncommon. It is good that there are professionals who then come and quickly fix “fixes”, usually much cheaper than the previous figure. This is a serious problem for the customer of works related to electricity. After all, you need to find a specialist, not a craftsman to assemble something similar to the electrical circuit from components sold in construction supermarkets.

To recognize a “disposable” electrician, you need to know the basics of electrical engineering

This is what we do, not by offering the services of an electrician, but by helping to understand what kind of qualification will be required for different tasks. And we will try to introduce you to the basic concepts that will be needed to assess the capabilities of the respondent “specialist”. It sounds like an introduction to electrodynamics, but in fact everything will be much easier and more accessible, at a household level, if I may say so. And if even one fake electrician in New York loses his job, we will consider our task done.

Why are we so negatively disposed towards non-professionals? Too many mistakes, including those that lead to serious consequences, especially for children and women. They least expect a catch from a faulty household appliance that they’ve been told is working. Incorrect installation of those same disposable terminal blocks, in circuits where the ratings are much higher than those allowed for the elements. Such an electrician can even set a fire in an apartment building using unacceptable elements and protection machines. 

If you want to be more attentive to the decision of such problems, it is necessary to use at once the best services. There are many professional electricians who can approach this kind of problem. It is important for you to use only the best services and to get the best results. At the moment you can easily find professionals, as you have access to the Internet. If you need brooklyn electric then just set the appropriate search query, it will help you find a solution. In the end, you will have everything you need to get the best service possible. When working with electrical it is important to consider all the nuances and take care of safety. For this reason, you should always trust these tasks only to specialists who will confidently perform all your tasks.

Electric installation features

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