MMA is the most popular martial arts discipline. The industry of the sport is changing rapidly: trainers are searching for new methods of training, organizers are trying to improve the level and quality of fights, managers are constantly looking for talented athletes, etc. 

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Popularity of MMA

It is hard to argue with the fact that MMA has become a popular sport all over the world. Many people still call it fights without rules, but more correctly it would be – mixed martial arts. It is worth noting that MMA fights are very unpredictable. Participants have many opportunities to change the course of the event. Often they use takedowns and painful holds, blows and punches. Often the real favourite to lose due to a successful capture of his opponent.

In mixed martial arts bright and charismatic personalities take part, adding to the sport’s popularity. Besides, all MMA fights are rather brutal. In the course of fights the fighters can get quite serious injuries. One of the peculiarities of the sport is a ban on avoiding physical interactions with the opponent within the ring. Courage is valued here, which appeals to a huge number of fans. In MMA you do not see simulations and demonstrative suffering from painful blows, if there is no forceful contact.

An important reason for the popularity of mixed martial arts is a competent promotion. The organizers try to make every fight an entertaining show. This only adds to the excitement for the spectators. Mixed martial arts featuring women are becoming very popular. Sometimes they are more spectacular and the audience cannot tear themselves away from the ring. With a strong desire and good physical shape anyone can become an MMA fighter. But you have to train a lot. Because it is dangerous to step into the ring without proper training. All over the world there are schools, which train future professionals.

MMA News

Everyone, who is interested in mixed martial arts, can find the latest information about their favorite sport on this page For fans 24 hours a day, there are available:

  • video reviews;
  • analytics;
  • interviews with stars and experts;
  • predictions;
  • MMA news;
  • stats;
  • upcoming fights schedule;
  • links to online broadcasts.

If you want to share your opinion with other martial arts fans, just register on the website. Only authorised guests can leave comments, everyone can read. Watching the competition is very exciting, each bout is unpredictable. This has led to the popularity of MMA around the world. Thanks to specialized websites you can get access to the latest news.

Who are the best fighters in the history of MMA?

Determining the best is very difficult, as some outstanding athletes have never managed to fight due to participation in different promotions. The UFC has a hall of fame in which the most deserving fighters are inducted.

Why Is MMA becoming so popular?

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